My Skincare Routine

   Hey guys! Today I'm going to be sharing my skincare routine with you!  My skin has never been super terrible, but I've definitely suffered from some pretty bad breakouts. These products are what I have used in the past to really clear my face up!

   So first things first, I always take my makeup off with a makeup remover wipe. I've tried a few different brands, and I really like the Equate or the Neutrogena wipes. Using a wipe before washing my face has really helped my skin.


   The products that I buy are from Clean and Clear. It's a three step line which comes with a cleanser, an astringent, and a lotion that contains salicylic acid. These products have really helped to clear my skin up. (I have tried something like this in the past from Clinique and also really liked it). The astringent is my favorite part, because it really helps to clean any leftover makeup from my pores and pull any dirt from my face. It can get a bit drying though, so moisturizing after is super important. 

   A cleansing brush is crucial to my routine, and is probably what helped my clear my skin up the most. The one I use now is from Vanity Planet, but even a manual one would work. A brush really helps to clean all of the dirt and makeup from your skin. My skin honestly cleared up so quickly when I started using one, so if you don't have something like it I suggest you get one!

   I do like the lotion that it comes with, but if I feel that my skin doesn't need the salicylic acid, I will use a lighter moisturizer. This is one of my favorites, it's the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion from Clinique. It's oil free which I love and is just very light on my face.


  1. I recommended the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer to my sister and her skin cleared up amazingly! I also always loved to use Clean & Clear in high school. :) The morning burst cleanser was my fav!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  2. You've convinced me to get a cleansing brush!
    Great post, just found your blog :)
    xx Beth


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